Thank You Again 

West Hartford !


Very awesome to be voted the Best Reflexology Business in Town.  4 years I have been awarded, (out of 9 I have been in business), and that warms my heart and causes me to blush a bit from all of the appreciation coming my way.  I've said it before and I'll say it again... 

  • I'm grateful to be of such service
  • I'm grateful to work in this warm and gracious town
  • I'm grateful that I continue to find joy and interest in my ever-growing work
  • And I look forward to another year of deep connection with whomever comes my way
Warmest Regards,


What Clients are Saying . . . 



I Purchased a Groupon...

"I just went to Reflexology Rocks for the first time because of a coupon I purchased on Groupon.  Never having tried Reflexology before, I had no idea what to expect going in, but my overall experience was fantastic.  Not only is Wendy incredibly knowledgeable & gifted in her trade, she also has a brilliant personality.  The Foot Reflexology session felt great and was very soothing & comforting.  


I must say though my FAVORITE part of the session was just talking with Wendy and listening to all that she had to offer.  I highly recommend her & her establishment to anyone who is either a first timer with Reflexology or a veteran in the practice!


Brook Bittens in Simsbury, CT  (Yelp Review)


5 Stars




 Intro Session through Groupon

"I met Wendy in June of 2011 after purchasing an intro session through Groupon.  I am so glad that I decided to give reflexology a try.  I have learned that Reflexology Rocks and Wendy Rocks too!  I appreciate her skilled, gentle touch and leave our sessions feeling relaxed and refreshed."

Sandra J in Canton, CT  (Yelp Review) 




You have Magic Hands!

"Wendy, I just wanted to let you know that since seeing you yesterday, I have felt super charged with energy and today I feel terrific.  What did you do, and can you do it again next time? 

I feel like the cobwebs have been swept out of my head and a lot fewer body aches and pains."

Kay Green, Green Graphic Design, Green eBooks Online


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 Top Qualities:   Great Results, Personable, Expert

"Wendy does fantastic work with those magic Reflexology hands!  She loves what she does, which really comes through, and will enhance your  experience with her.

You can relax quietly and drift off to sleep, or spend the session chatting with her - either way, it's time well spent.  I highly recommend Wendy's services."

Sarah Morgan in Enfield


Gratitude for Pain-Free Feet

"I wanted to Thank you again for being so accommodating yesterday.  I am totally amazed at how my feet feel this morning.  I purchased the MSM last night and I actually am looking forward to walking today!!!!!  

I can't begin to express my gratitude... Blessings to you."

Dori Baer  (sent from her cell phone)



Top Qualities:  Great Results, Expert, Good Value

"Wendy Girl rocks!  She has an amazing healing ability.  I had never experienced reflexology before, she made me feel comfortable and very relaxed during all my sessions. 

She was so in-tune with my body, she knew just what I needed without me saying a word.  I would highly recommend Wendy Girl to any person who has a nervous system."

Rachel Cavanna, Achieve Wellness Chiropractic,



AFTER 1 Session:  Best night's sleep in months

"I had the best night's sleep last night, better than I have had for months.  Either you are magic or an angel sent to help me.  I woke up this morning feeling good, and that hasn't happened in years.  I was up and ready for work and had an extra 15 minutes... so I did the meditation you showed me.  Hope it lasts!

With lots of hugs and love going your way,"

Nancy Merrill


AFTER 3 SessionsLowered Cholesterol in 3 sessions

"Wendy is my fairy godmother. I feel so wonderful when I leave her office.  With her guidance, I lost 37 points in my cholesterol in just 2 months. Cannot wait until my next session."

Nancy Merrill


Neuropathy Dramatically Improved

"Wendy Girl is an incredible Reflexologist!

She has performed miracles on my feet, which are in the moderate stages of Diabetic Neuropathy, and the left foot dealing with Charcot.

Her weekly sessions have taken my feet from having minimum touch sensation to actually "feeling" her touch.  The health of my feet has dramatically improved from Wendy Girl's expert knowledge of my condition along with her intuitive abilities in working with my flow of energy ~ and, this is an added bonus from her skill set because she has a highly developed ability to do energy work.

Her skill with energy work places her above and beyond the average Reflexologist. She is soothing and brings a sense of balance and harmony to my feet as well as my entire being.

Reflexology Rocks has an environment that is soothing and relaxing and truly reflects the essence of Wendy Girl's gift of touch.

Wendy Girl is an absolute treasure who embodies the concept of Service to Others and I ~ and, my feet ~ highly recommend her."

Mushiba in Enfield

I'm a More Balanced Person...

"Fate brings you many things, and it brought me Wendy.  Her practice is more than just reflexology.  I feel that I am a more balanced person because of my work with Wendy and I look forward to my appointment with her every month."

Pamela Urisko


 Top Qualities:  Great Results, Expert

"Wendy is fantastic and a true professional.  She has really found her calling.  It has been about a week and I am still benefiting from the Reflexology Therapy."

Christopher Dowling


 Top Qualities:  Magical

"Wendy is just magical.  One of the most relaxing experiences of my life."

Avi Smith Rapaport,


Helped me Let Go of the Hurt

"I have been going to see Wendy for a number of years now.  She is fantastic.  Her hands are magical.  When I go in we talk about what is ailing me that day and she really gets right on it.  I am always amazed by how she can help just by working on my feet. 

Not only has she helped me with structural pains, she has also helped me with emotional ones.  A couple of years ago she walked me through some incredible visualizations that, in conjunction with her reflexology, helped me let go of some of the hurts I was holding onto.  I always feel a little better, relaxed and more centered when my session with Wendy is done.

E. S. in West Hartford

Ringing in Ears Gone

"I spent 14 months going to medical specialists to remedy the ringing in my ears and clogged hearing.  They had no clue why I had the condition and gave me lots of pills that had no useful effect, but lots of negative effects.

10 minutes into my Reflexology Session with Wendy Girl, I heard a pop sound in my ear and felt my clogged ear begin to drain inside.  By the end of the session the ringing was gone.  My hearing is normal and the ringing never returned.  Wow."

Susan R

 Top Qualities:  Good Value


"Could you be my sister and live next door?  Seriously - you are a true Reflexology Professional.  Thank you."

Debbie Elden


I Recommend Wendy

"After three sessions, I have relief of pain and improved general well being.  It's hard to describe why I have this feeling of well being, but it was there after the session and has been ever since.  I'm not sure I've ever felt it before.

The office is a very relaxing environment and she is obviously skilled in her work.

I recommend Wendy. . . not just for your feet, but for improvement of your overall health and stress relief. 

Invest in your future today. "

Ted B


 Top Qualities:  Relaxing, Uplifting, Affordable

“Relaxing, uplifting and affordable are not usually adjectives associated with healthcare, but at Reflexology Rocks, as if by magic, such words are turned into exquisite reality.”

Sally In Avon


Rid Headaches that Neurologists Couldn't

"I had been looking for a Reflexologist when I found Wendy at Reflexology Rocks.  My grandmother had been a Reflexologist so I knew reflexology is so much more than just a great foot rub.  I had almost given up finding anyone and then Wendy entered my life.

Wendy's work is amazing.  Through Wendy's work I was able to get rid of headaches that even a neurologist couldn't help me resolve.  I feel great and especially enjoy how Wendy can make me feel with her nurturing touch and intuitive feel.

Wendy is an amazing Reflex Therapist.

Jerri Lynn in West Hartford


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Lower Back Improvement


"There was a definite improvement in my lower back and feet after just a few Reflexology Sessions!"

Nancy Platt

I Appreciate her Advice & Knowledge


"Wendy is a patient thoughtful and gifted person. She can find the spots that are aching and help soothe them.  I have appreciated her advice and knowledge and look forward to my visits!"

Laurel in Bloomfield


 Bookeo Review 


Bookeo Review  


Bookeo Review   


Bookeo Review  


Bookeo Review 


 Top Qualities:  Expert


"My feet here so springy and ALIVE upon leaving your Reflexology Office!  They've never felt so good!!!"

Shirley Clark

Arthritis Pain Relief

" I'm 62 years old.  I have arthritis really badly in my knees.  I take 2 Glucosamine Chondroitin and 2 Diclofanic tablets every day.  I take Arthritis Strength Tylenol and different kinds of Narcotic Pain Pills, but it doesn't help very much, and they upset my stomach. 

One hour session of Reflexology with Wendy worked! 

My knees quit hurting for the rest of the day.  It's the only thing I have found that makes them quit hurting for any length of time.

Robin Owler



Improved Circulation, Pain Subsided

"I had the most fabulous experience at Reflexology Rocks a few months ago. 

I was hoping to improve circulation and relieve the pain in my feet so I called Wendy Girl to learn how Reflexology might help.  I have tried many other places but have not been pleased with the results.  I was pleasantly surprised after my session with Wendy because my pain subsided and I feel more relaxed.  I'm so pleased with her techniques and will highly recommend her to all.

Joyce Hancock in West Hartford


Your Intuitive Talent Helped Already

"I thought this was just going to be a foot rub!! It was SO MUCH MORE. Your intuitive talent has helped smooth out my emotions already. See you next week."

Mary-Jane in West Hartford



I Always Feel Better

"Wendy is amazing. I always feel better just walking into the office... and then really wonderful when I walk out."

Nancy in West Hartford



My Doggies Feel Great

"My doggies feel great! I'm looking forward to my next visit."

Mike in New Britain


Keeps away Aches and Pain

"I have been seeing Wendy for years.  I have found that regular visits keep away a lot of aches and pain.  Se has helped relieve specific aches and pains as well as improving my energy.

Through guided imagery, she has helped me deal with emotional issues as well.  she is a very talented and special therapist.  I highly recommend her.

Kay in Windsor

Top Qualities:  Easy and Relaxing Atmosphere

"There is no better Reflexology Therapist than Wendy, she has a real gift.  Easy and relaxing atmosphere; an invigorating experience.  Wendy is courteous and professional, and really cared about my experience!  I loved it!"

Neck Muscle Relaxed

"My job is very stressful.  I am also on my feet quite a bit. When Wendy works on me, I feel the inside of my body relax. 

I had pulled a muscle in my neck and the left side was stiff and sore.  After my reflexology session, my neck felt a lot better immediately.
   Even my shoulders and neck stop feeling so tense.  It's a very good de-stressor."

Kris Ames


Wasn't sure what to Expect

"I've only been 3 times and will likely go back.  I wasn't sure what to expect and it turned out I was impressed by how relaxing and how rejuvenating the experience was."

Tahl Smith-Rapaport

Very Awesome

"Very awesome and Very relaxing (as relaxed as a stiff person like me can get)!  :-) "

Carol in Manchester


5.0 star rating
5/2/2013   Yelp Review


Wendy has been incredibly helpful in my path towards better health.  Not only does she do reflexology, but she has tremendous knowledge in the area of well-being and openly shares that information to empower her clients towards a healthy, whole life.  

And her intuitive skills help her to laser to exactly what the client needs.  

Beverly Stantial in East Hartford

From Dark to Light

"Dearest Wendy, You are awesome!  I thank you so much for being fully present and loving and helping me work through my pain.  That spiritual moment has transformed me forever.  What a blessing.  I love you. 


I Recommend Her

"Nice, relaxing time and atmosphere. I recommend her."

Jill in Cromwell



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Wendy Girl does not guarantee the accuracy of her insights and is in no way responsible for the interpretation of this material.  The recipient is %100 responsible for any action taken based on their interpretation of the insights presented in any channeled material.

Channeled material presented through Wendy Girl is in no way meant to replace sound economical, political, medical, legal or any other advice and does not provide prophecy, or guaranteed accuracy on future predictions. 

The information is meant as a guideline only and to help clients better reflect upon themselves, where they have been, where they are now, and where they potentially may be going. 

By asking for or otherwise acquiring this material, you agree to use your own discernment, and you release Wendy girl, and Reflexology Rocks, Inc. from any and all legal or moral responsibility.


Endorsement Disclaimer:

Advertiser Disclosure

The above Reflexology Clients did not receive a promotional copy (and/or other material compensation), in order to facilitate their HONEST OPINION for this endorsement and is not a marketing affiliate for Reflexology Rocks or Wendy Girl.




Wendy Girle

860-808-6844 Cell 

2437 Albany Avenue, West Hartford, CT  06117


Tuesday         10 am - 9 pm

Wednesday    10 am - 9 pm

Thursday        10 am - 5 pm



  2437 Albany Avenue, West Hartford, CT

Recent Groupon Reviews:
5 stars
My wife purchased a session for me as a gift.  I have flat feet, which had degenerated into constant ankle pain.  I walked with a limp all the time, and I had to reduce exercise to avoid the pain.  My foot doctor recommended surgery, after providing me Cortisone shots twice a year, which I resisted.

Today, after regular sessions with Wendy, I don't walk with a limp, and I can now exercise with little discomfort.  

Wendy is a true professional, who has accommodated my changing schedule and she is reliable.  I am so happy to have found Wendy, as my life has remarkably improved, and my wife knows it works! 

Jack Veale


 We know you want to feel your best, we've made it possible to feel your best more often. 


5 stars
Very awesome and Very relaxing.  It was surprising how stiff I was when I came in and how relaxed, calm and centered I was when I left.  30 minutes well spent!

Carole LaRochelle


5 stars
Reflexology with Wendy is not just a treatment, it is an experience. I cannot wait for my next appointment.

Jana Heath


I would like to take you up on the two hour sessions for $100 deal you mentioned.  Please let me know what I need to do.  Much thanks.

Janice Garcia


A wonderfully relaxing experience! Thanks so much Wendy.  



Thanks so much Wendy.Thank you for the wonderful gift of connecting to self :-)  

P.S. My Angelic Self has given my their name....

Namaste and Love, 

Solomon Braithwaite


5 stars

Debra Malloy                                                                                                        



"Most of 

our clients are not perfectionists,

 just average people with

 health and stress concerns, 


they just want 



- Wendy Girle

5 stars
Although I receive massage therapy on a regular basis, this was my first experience with reflexology. but not my last! 
Wendy is smart, articulate, intuitive...I learned more about my body and spirit/self in 1/2 hr then one would learn in a year. Of course I immediately signed up for 2 more visits, this time 1 hr sessions. Can't wait to go back!!

Carol Eastman


5 stars
Thank you too!! My doggies feel great! I'm looking forward to my next visit. 

Mike Molnar


5 stars
Thanks Wendy Girl for my 1st reflexology. I appreciated your insights on how to use my rocks and about joint health too. Turns out I have MSM in the daily glucosamine I take. Thanks again! 

Rick Berkenstock


5 stars
so nice to meet you, wendy! can't wait to see you again :) 

Jessica Moshka 


Wonderful Wendy,

Thank you so much for Thursday's session - I didn't realize you spent a whole hour on my precious feet!  I had a good night's sleep, my neck feels great, and so do I.

Looking forward to our next connection.

Warm hugs,

Hedda Leonard 


A year has passed and I still remember my session with you very fondly.  I just purchased a Face Reflexology session this time and  I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.







5 stars
I thought this was just going to be a foot rub!! It was SO MUCH MORE. Your intuitive talent has helped smooth out my emotions already. See you next week.

Mary-Jane Maher


5 stars
This was my first time meeting with Wendy Girl and the session was outstanding! Her session room is warm and inviting. Wendy makes you feel totally at ease through the session as she explains the work she is performing. 
Wendy is a true empath and has an amazing ability to understand your energies and issues without any having to be said. I left her office feeling more energized and uplifted than I have felt in a long time. Needless to say, I have already booked additional appointments.

John Stantial


Habitual thinking periodically 

needs to be fluffed up.  

Change the flow within the life that you have now. 

And sometimes all it takes is some unexpected thing, causing you to 

step back and say, 

"I need to evaluate my own behavior and my own thinking."

- Wendy Girl

5 stars
Wendy is excellent; she really does rock. Thanks Wendy.  

Jeff Hoberman


5 stars
Nice, relaxing time and atmosphere. I recommend her. 

Jill  Enright


Really enjoyed my session with Wendy, looking forward to my next one.

Maryellen Bradley


5 stars
I love my Groupons, but this one was over the top fantastic and unexpected.  See you soon. 



Wonderful and relaxing. Will definitely be back! Thanks Wendy!

Stacey Reicher


Hi Wendy, I really enjoyed our Reflexology session last week.  so relaxing and thanks for all the great information.  I have acquired all you suggested.  One quick question.  I did some research on RAW apple cider vinegar and some say take 2 Tbs with 16 ounces of water.  Others say 2 tsps 3 times a day.  Do you have any thoughts on the best dosage etc. for doing this.

Thanks so much and see you soon.

Madelyn Sinatro


The session was helpful on more levels than I expected, thank you Wendy!

Kate Callahan


Truly a different experience and I believe everyone will have their own special moment.  But relaxing is the first thing that comes to mind!!!! 

Andrew Johnson


If I could rate Wendy's service with more stars, I would- 5 is not enough! Totally unexpected and amazing experience.  I cannot wait to continue my healing journey with you, Wendy. Thank you so much!

Justine Weinberg


Loved the session ... A relaxing and learning experience! I will be back ! 

Diane Kozikowski


Thanks for the therapy - foot and psych. I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to being a future client.

Marie Heslin


good session and look forward to coming back again.  

Barbara Raisner


5 stars
Found the session very relaxing. I am looking forward to my next appointment.

Margo Gumkowski


5 stars
Very relaxing and soothing! Enjoyed every minute of it and your insights were spot on!

Claire Gostyla


What a great session! I will be back!

Lea Gostyla


I had an ejoyable, invigorating AND educational experience! Wendy is thoughtful and very intuitive. I recommend reflexology to men and women of all ages!

Randall Weiss


I loved the service and look forward to scheduling another appointment very soon. Thank you Wendy. Your hands are magical. 
Rosa Wright


Comment:Thanks for the heartfelt talk...The session was more than I could ever imagine and I look forward to continuing..Without a Groupon; whom I thank for providing an opprotunity to explore services like the one you offer.  NAMASTE 
Solomon Braithwaite


Wonderful treatment! Would love to have another treatment soon. Wendy is very caring and talented, I would highly recommend this therapy! 
Kirsten Floyd


Very relaxing experiance and learned many things about my body.   
Carol Brewer


Best massage ever! Thank you, Wendy, for making my first visit so wonderful and relaxing! I can't wait to see you again soon!

Emily Martin


Thank you for being so welcoming & friendly! My feet felt so relaxed the rest of the night, I didn't want to walk on them! I was just telling some friends last night about the uniqueness of the reflexology experience.

Mike Boscarino


I found our session very interesting. My arm has been talking to me for the past hour. You clearly woke up that ulnar nerve.  Thanks for an interesting and helpful session.

Jane Torrey


Wendy, Thank you so much for your service today, it was a great first experience. 

Lisa Clotto


Amazing experience. Loved every minute of my treatment!    

Judy York


Comment:Here it is almost 6 pm and I am still feeling great. Thank you so so much. Also, thank you for being so patient when I was late. You suggested MSM and Electrolytes so I stopped to get some today and will start using them.
I definitely will be making another appointment.  Thank you again. You are the best. 

Judy Rice


Really enjoyed my seesion!  Wish it was longer and I am looking forward to going back.

Jeanette Riquier


Thank you!!!!  You're a genius, and thank you for the insight into Peanut!  

Jessie Bouclier


It was truly a relaxing and grounding experience!   

Dori Renda


Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!                     

Nancy DeLong


It was an amazing much more than I expected!!  
Susan Pike


great 1st experience.  
Vickie Ryan


  Vickie Panciera  


Very relaxing, really great experience.  

Nadia Rivkin


Carolyn Manning     


Thanks Wendy.  Enjoyed the session. Thank you for your time and suggestions--and of course the hug is nice too!

Darlene Zoller


I enjoyed my session very much. It was very relaxing and my feet actually felt good for a couple of days after my session. Thank you very much!

Michelle Lewis


A wonderful experience - a treat for the mind & body!

Lynn Hamilton


Enjoyed the experience. Bought everything you suggested except toe spreaders...none in either Walgreen's or CVS.  I'll try online.  

Linda Manning


As another poster noted-- I experienced a Wonderful night's sleep afterward.

Janice Markham


I just loved my first time there for a reflexology session. Thanks a lot Wendy, you are great! 

Ana Santos


Totally amazing experience. And just what I needed. Thanks.

Sandra Morgan


Thanks for all your help and suggestions :)    

Sarah Roth


Thanks I'm moved and settled for the most part.  I have not found my 'New Wendy!'  Impossible I'm thinking.  Tried a couple but not great.  Anyway, love, hugs, and still searching...

Jacqui Robertson


I thoroughly enjoyed my reflexology session with Wendy! It was a very relaxing experience and I am looking forward to return visits. Thank you so much Wendy!!

Marianne Daae


5 stars
Enjoyed the relexology session on my feet. Also had great conversation and learned some interesting holistic approaches.

Mary-Jane Williams


Wendy, a comfortable session, educational, very rewarding...thank you. 

Gregory A. DeMichiel


I enjoyed my half-hour session, a first for me. I was very comfortable and the treatment was just what I hoped for.

Lisa Krasnow


Hi Wendy, I purchased a Groupon for Face and Foot Reflexology sessions.  My sister-in-law, Barbara Bianchi, said you are amazing!  Apparently you have worked on my nephew Brian too.  You also worked on my friend Jeff Hoberman who said you were awesome!  

I do Therapeutic Touch and Barbara feels that you and I would connect really well!  Looking forward to my sessions with you soon.

Marissa Lapane


I Recommend Reflexology to all who want to learn how to relax.  I had just forgotten what that was like! 

Joy in Chester


She was GREAT                                    
Jan Iyangar


Wendy,  Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and touch with us.  It was a pleasure.  :)  Warmly,                                  
Jamie and Tom


Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful difference you make in my life.  Thank you so much!!!  Hugs,                                   

P.S.  Thank you for dad's appointment... 
He loved it!


Thanks you for your guidance.  for your support.  for our words of wisdom.  For my happy feet.  For your love.  Love,                                  
Debbie R
As I reflect upon all my blessings, my thoughts go to you.  I am so thankful for my sacred hours with you.  So happy my Angelics brought me to you.  Love,                                 


You're great and I appreciate all of the insight and lessons I've learned with you.                                  



Thank you so much.  You made my mother's entire day.                              
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