Thank You Again West Hartford !

 Very awesome to be voted the Best Reflexology Business in Town.  5 years I have been awarded, (out of 9 I have been in business), and that warms my heart and causes me to blush a bit from all of the appreciation coming my way.  I've said it before and I'll say it again... 

  • I'm grateful to be of such service
  • I'm grateful to work in this warm and gracious town
  • I'm grateful that I continue to find joy and interest in my ever-growing work
  • And I look forward to another year of deep connection with whomever comes my way
Warmest Regards,


Wendy Girle's Bio . . . 



Foot / Hand / Face Reflex Therapist  

Reflexology Teacher

Reiki Master  

Health Empath

Medical Intuitive

Spiritual Councilor




Experienced In: 


Empath Training

Soul Retrieval

Vibrational Medicine

Rife and QX Healing

Crystal Healing


Energy Fluidity Management

 Energy Protection and Space Clearing

Sound and Tibetan Bowl Healing

Death and Dying Work

“The Work” by Byron Katie

 Neuro Linguistic Programming

Pet Communication




Space Clearing

Dream and Labyrinth Interpretation

Curriculum Vitae:

Holistic Health and Spiritually focused since 1988.  

Past President of the CT Holistic Health Association for 2 years. 

Current President of the National Holistic Health Association. 

On the Board of Directors of the Empath Association.  

Wendy instructs other natural sensitives on managing their abilities to live a well-balanced life, and respecting their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energy requirements.




History of Reflexology Rocks:

June of 2007 is when we first opened our doors in the Bishop’s Corner neighborhood of West Hartford. Back then, not so many people knew the term "Reflexology" as a style of Healthcare.  Everyone always imagines a vigorous foot massage or a pedicure… but it's much more than that.

Reflexology Rocks’ philosophy is to use the system of nerves already in your body and instruct them to reverse current conditions and head towards health.  This process has been used by humans since the first person cried “oh my aching feet!”, and someone gave them a rub.  And it’s been used in the U.S. as a health practice since the 1800s when a Surgeon at St Frances Hospital (right here in Hartford, CT) introduced it to the Hospital Staff, and his Patients.

Reflexology Rocks has been featured four times in and has the distinction of being the “FIRST EVER Strictly Reflexology” business to be featured in their worldwide business.  I'm very proud of that.  It took months to educate the “powers that be” at Groupon about what Reflexology was, and that it was currently very popular in CT.  They decided to take the chance but predicted less than 100 people would respond.  In one day 551 people purchased our offer, with over 50 calling the next week to say they’d missed the deadline and could they “still get in on it?”  They were thrilled, we were thrilled, and 8 months later Groupon called to ask if we would do a second campaign because of the obvious popularity.  It’s thrilling to see Reflexology now so recognized and requested. 

We’ve been featured ONLINE in:
•    Living

Appeared in PRINT with
•    The Hartford Courant

Interviewed on RADIO with
•    KISS 95.7
•    RIVER 105.9

From people who have never tried Reflexology, I sometimes hear, “My feet are SO  UGLY, I could never let anyone see them (it's usually women saying this), I don't think it's for me." Or “It must tickle and I could NEVER SIT STILL.”  On the contrary, we have lots of regular and repeat clients who started with those same statements as they sat in the chair… and 6 minutes later were starting to doze!

In fact, we think (though it's hard to confirm) that most of our guests are not perfectionists, just average people with health and stress concerns, and they just want relief.

So that you can learn more about who we are and what goes on inside the doors and within the chair at Reflexology Rocks, we're working to bring you these stories complete with lots of photos.

Warmest Regards,


All the essential oils used in this practice are Organic with no trace of common cooling or heating ingredients that can cause nerve signal disruption and inflammation.



Reflexology Rocks (TM)

is the exclusive intellectual property of Wendy Girl.  The name Reflexology Rocks and the visual identifying branding mark of the rocks are under Trademark Protection of the US Patent and Trademark Office.


Wendy Girle

860-808-6844 Cell

2437 Albany Avenue, West Hartford, CT  06117

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