Driving Directions

The office is located in Bishop's Corner in West Hartford - on the corner of Albany Avenue and SKY VIEW DRIVE.

  •     A GPS or Map Service will take you right to the building... and in order to get to the parking lot you need to turn onto SKY VIEW Drive, and zip into the parking lot.  It is super obvious when you see it

  •     Come in the back way, because that's the door that's open

  •     It's a split level building with a choice of stairs up or down... I'm DOWNSTAIRS

  •     I will be in with someone else before your appointment, so come in and have a seat in the waiting room - fill out paperwork - and I will pop out to greet you when I'm done  


Name         Wendy Girl, RM, RT

Phone        860.808.6844

Address   2437 Albany Ave, West Hartford, CT  06117


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Wendy Girl does not guarantee the accuracy of her insights and is in no way responsible for the interpretation of this material.  The recipient is %100 responsible for any action taken based on their interpretation of the insights presented in any channeled material.

Channeled material presented through Wendy Girl is in no way meant to replace sound economical, political, medical, legal or any other advice and does not provide prophecy, or guaranteed accuracy on future predictions. 

The information is meant as a guideline only and to help clients better reflect upon themselves, where they have been, where they are now, and where they potentially may be going. 

By asking for or otherwise acquiring this material, you agree to use your own discernment, and you release Wendy girl, and Reflexology Rocks, Inc. from any and all legal or moral responsibility.


Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel your appointment please call me at 860-808-6844 at LEAST 24 Hours in advance.  Since I turn away other clients to hold your reservation, any cancellations with less than 24 hours notice (or no-shows) will be charged; or the equivalent deducted from your sessions on account.  Every effort will be made to reschedule you ASAP.

You will be considered a “No-Show” if you are more than 15 minutes late with no phone call to alert me.  Unavoidably late happens, and I understand, just try to keep me informed.  

Illness & Emergency:

Sometimes a sudden illness or emergency can prevent you from giving a 24 hour cancellation notice.  If this is the case, please let me know how I can help; perhaps a phone session of energy work might help in challenging times.  Call me at 860-808-6844.  

Wait List Opportunities:

My Calendar is often booked a month out with Members booking a year in advance.  And while every effort is made to accommodate those in immediate physical or emotional need, sometimes the next opening is not as soon as you’d like.  Because of sudden schedule changes or illness, last minute appointments do open up.  Please let me know if you want to be notified by phone / email / text when an earlier time comes available.


Wendy Girl

860-808-6844 Cell


2437 Albany Avenue, West Hartford, CT  06117

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